Our work is based on a premise, we love filming, preparing our equipment and launch ourselves to play with light and sound.

We offer a close, creative service tailored to your needs. While our largest development zone is Barcelona and nearby areas, We have availability of displacement anywhere in the globe. We go every place where they want us. 

Although, it´s  also true that we like to join everything we are able to.    









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We make videos and photos of all kind of events: cultural, shows, concerts, corporate, sport, cultural, social, festivals, congress, fairs, popular festivals, educational, incentive trips, etc. 

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We work in close collaboration with the company or the person. Which is the first step? To know your project for immerse ourselves in it, with a view to the future creation.

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We carry out audiovisual project aimed to companies, groups and people related to: music, cinema, videoclips, documental, reports, culture, sports, education, social, history, health, nature, rural, agriculture, etc.

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We organize workshops intended for adults and children from 10 years old.

With a duration of several sessions, the general purpose of the workshops will be to have fun through the creation of audiovisual products. The attendees will work in team and being able to rotate experiencing the different positions and departments, from production to post-production.

Some of these functions will be: camera operator, sound technician, lighting, director of photography, TV and cinema director, director assistant, journalist, actor/actress, scriptwriter, contestant, presenter, script, making of, etc.

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  • Availibility of more than one photographer and camera operator.
  • We have drone service and camera stabilizer service.
  • Documentary film: Apart from the video package of the day of the celebration, we also offer to produce a documentary about the couple, with interviews to both of them and to the rest of family and friends who wish to collaborate.
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Open to listen any idea from the couple, our intention is to capture the moments occurred from the naturalness, trying to disturb and condition as little as possible.

It will be a pleasure to attend your call to explain more and specify a face-to-face meeting or video-conference with the Rec House team that will work with you.